Artwork of the month

Artwork of the month:

At this point we present to you in the monthly change a special artwork of one of our artist. You can see this artwork in the original in the shop window of our pool of the contemporary art in Bucher street No. 83.


Artwork of the month / January

Kerstin Himmler (Ansbach) / Die Drei von der Tankstelle / 2017 / collage, acrylic on canvas / 100 x 120 cm / 1.900,- €

The Ansbach artist, Kerstin Himmler, is currently exhibiting new works in the gallery's White Cube by the end of March 2018 in the group show "Dramas and Dreams".
In her collages and expansive installations, the trained stone sculptor experiments with a wide variety of materials. Especially in Himmler's installations, the theme is often grim allegories of the ubiquitous threat to the life and existence of all creatures; Nevertheless, they always have the hope of renewal and development.