Artwork of the month

Artwork of the month:

At this point we present to you in the monthly change a special artwork of one of our artist. You can see this artwork in the original in the shop window of our pool of the contemporary art in Bucher street No. 83.


Artwork of the month / Dezember

Tessa Wolkersdorfer (Nürnberg) / Homescape - strange heat / 2016 / indian ink, acrylic on canvas / 80 x 60 cm / 3.500,- €

The Nuremberg artist, Tessa Wolkersdorfer, is currently exhibiting new works in the contemporary art pool in the gallery until the end of January 2018 in the group exhibition
"May I reset your mind".
In lavish, harmonious rather than exciting compositions, she paints her themes from the bright to the halfway dark, and finally conjures up an open, diffused illuminated pictorial space. The visitor is usually torn between the outside and the inside.